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Holcombe, William

Democratic Constitutional Convention 1857 (District 1)

Party when first elected:  Democratic

Counties Served:  Washington


Date of Birth: 7/22/1804 Date of Death: 9/5/1870
Birth Place: Lambertville, New Jersey Birth County:  Birth Country: United States
Other Names:
Gender:  Male Religion:  Not Reported
City of Residence (when first elected):  Stillwater

Occupation (when first elected):  None Listed



Territorial Democratic Constitutional Convention1st Council District, Minnesota TerritoryElected07/13/1857 to 08/29/1857
State Lieutenant GovernorMinnesota 05/24/1858 to 01/02/1860


Spouse: Martha Wilson (married in 1826); Henrietta King Clendenin (married in 1847)
Family Members Who Have Served in the Minnesota Legislature:


His term as Lieutenant Governor didn't expire until a few weeks after the 2nd Minnesota State Legislative Session began. So although the Republican Party had a majority in the Minnesota Senate, William Holcombe, a Democrat, presided over them until January 2, 1860 when the state officials were sworn in. Some of his rulings so frustrated the Republican majority that they asked the House to impeach him. The House responded that they had no right to interfere with the workings of the Senate and suggested they change their rules. The issue was resolved when Republican Ignatius Donnelly was finally sworn in as Lieutenant Governor. (Sanborn, Gen. John B. "The Work of the Second Legislature, 1859-60." Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul: the Society, 1905, Vol. 10, Part 2, p. 623)

Map of Stillwater
Stillwater, MN
William Holcombe of Stillwater, Lieutenant Governor and member of the First State Legislature (ca. 1858) From the Minnesota Historical Society's Visual Resources Database. (We can't find him listed as being a member of the first state legislature.)

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William Holcombe. Biographical Information from the Minnesota Historical Society's Governors of Minnesota.

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