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Self-Reported Minority Legislators

This is a list of Minnesota legislators who are identified as being members of various minority groups. These legislators have either identified themselves or were identified in a newspaper or book as a member of a minority group. This list may not be complete. Please report any additions or errors to the library staff.

Legislators will be listed more than once if they are more than one self-reported minority.

NameReported MinorityService Information
Moua, Mee Asian Senate 2002-2010 (District 67)
Thao, Cy Asian House 2003-2010 (District 65A)
Hawj, Foung Asian Senate 2013-Present (District 67)
Chaudhary, Satveer S. Asian Indian House 1997-2000 (District 52A); Senate 2001-2002 (District 52); Senate 2003-2010 (District 50)
Wheaton, John Francis - "Frank, J. Frank" Black House 1899-1900 (District 42)
Lewis, Sr., B. Robert - "Bob" Black Senate 1973-79 (District 41)
Pleasant, Ray O. Black House 1973-80 (District 39B)
Staten, Sr., Randolph Wilbert - "Randy" Black House 1981-82 (District 56A); House 1983-86 (District 57B)
Jefferson, Richard H. - "Jeff" Black House 1987-92 (District 57B); House 1993-98 (District 58B)
Gray, Gregory Black House 1999-2002 (District 58B)
Walker, Neva Black House 2001-08 (District 61B)
Ellison, Keith Maurice Black House 2003-2006 (District 58B)
Champion, Bobby Joe Black House 2009-2012 (District 58B); Senate 2013-Present (District 59)
Hayden, Jeff Black House 2009-2011 (District 61B); Senate 2011-2012 (District 61); Senate 2013-Present (District 62)
Harrington, John M. Black Senate 2011-2012 (District 67)
Moran, Rena Black House 2011-2012 (District 65A); House 2013-Present (District 65A)
Vega, Conrado M. - "Conrad" Hispanic Origin Senate 1977-82 (District 52); Senate 1983-86 (District 39)
Rodriguez, Sr., Frank J. Hispanic Origin House 1979-82 (District 67A); House 1983-84 (District 65B)
Garcia, Edwina Hispanic Origin House 1991-92 (District 40A); House 1993-98 (District 63B)
Mariani, Carlos Hispanic Origin House 1991-2012 (District 65B); House 2013-Present (District 65B)
Dominguez, Augustine - "Willie" Hispanic Origin House 2007-08 (District 58B)
Torres Ray, Patricia Hispanic Origin Senate 2007-2012 (District 62); Senate 2013-Present (District 63)
Bailly, Alexis Native American Territorial House 1849 (District 7)
Faribault, Alexander - "Alex." Native American Territorial House 1851 (District 7)
Warren, William Whipple Native American Territorial House 1851 (District 6)
Gingras, Antoine Blanc - "Frederick" Native American Territorial House 1852-53 (District 7)
Roy, Peter Native American Territorial House 1854 (District 5); House 1859-60 (District 21); House 1862 (District 3)
Bailly, Henry G. Native American Territorial Council 1856-57 (District 6); Democratic Constitutional Convention 1857 (District 6); Senate 1857-58 (District 3)
Bennett, Sr., Willard F. - "W.F." Native American House 1933-42 (District 35)
DeGroat, Frank H. Native American House 1963-66 (District 57); House 1967-72 (District 65A); House 1973-76 (District 10A)
Finn, Harold R. - "Skip" Native American Senate 1991-96 (District 4)
Allen, Susan Native American House 2012-2012 (District 61B); House 2013-Present (District 62B)

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