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Sessions of the Minnesota State Legislature and the Minnesota Territorial Legislature, 1849-present

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Compiled from: House and Senate Journals, Minnesota legislative manuals and other sources, including previous library compilations and several histories of Minnesota.

While efforts have been made to verify this information in more than one source, the library cannot guarantee the accuracy of sources; errors are possible. Please report any errors to the library staff.

Legislative Days = "Legislative day" is defined in Minnesota Statutes 3.012 as follows: "A legislative day is a day when either house of the legislature is called to order. A legislative day begins at seven o'clock a.m. and continues until seven o'clock a.m. of the following calendar day."

Adjournment date is the date by which both houses had adjourned.

For further information, see the Library's list of special sessions, House Research's publication, Regular Sessions of the Minnesota Legislature, and the Session FAQ

Legislature Session Convened Adjourned Calendar Days Legislative Days
House Senate
88th2014 Regular Session2/25/20145/16/2014814444
2013 1st Special Session
To provide disaster relief for 18 counties due to severe storms and flooding.
2013 Regular Session1/8/20135/20/20131336262
 Total regular session days for biennium106106
87th2012 1st Special Session
To provide disaster assistance for the flooded areas near Duluth.
2012 Continuing Regular Session1/24/20125/10/20121085455
Since the sine die adjournment calendar date in the House occurred after midnight and before 7 a.m. on Thursday, May 10, 2012, the last 'legislative day' in the biennium was Wednesday, May 9, for a total of 118 legislative days. The Senate adjourned mid-afternoon on May 10, for a total of 119 legislative days.
2011 1st Special Session
To complete the passage of budget bills.
The special session began on July 19, 2011 and adjourned on Wednesday, July 20, 2011. A legislative day begins at seven o'clock a.m. and continues until seven o'clock a.m. of the following calendar day so the session was one legislative day and two calendar days in length.
2011 Regular Session1/4/20115/23/20111406464
 Total regular session days for biennium118119
86th2010 2nd Special Session
To provide disaster assistance for flooded areas.
2010 1st Special Session
To complete the passage of budget bills.
2010 Continuing Regular Session2/4/20105/16/20101024949
2009 Regular Session1/6/20095/18/20091335858
 Total regular session days for biennium107107
85th2008 Continuing Regular Session2/12/20085/18/2008974444
2007 1st Special Session
To provide disaster relief for the flooded counties of Dodge, Fillmore, Houston, Olmsted, Steele, Wabasha, and Winona.
2007 Regular Session1/3/20075/21/20071397575
 Total regular session days for biennium119119
84th2006 Continuing Regular Session3/1/20065/21/2006824646
2005 1st Special Session
To pass budget bills not passed during the regular legislative session.
2005 Regular Session1/4/20055/23/20051406666
 Total regular session days for biennium112112
83rd2004 Continuing Regular Session2/2/20045/16/20041055251
2003 1st Special Session
Enact legislation to provide for the financial management of state government. Matters considered: Taxes, budget and appropriations, major bills not passed during regular session.
2003 Regular Session1/7/20035/19/20031335959
 Total regular session days for biennium111110
82nd2002 1st Special Session
Flood relief for Roseau, Minnesota; also considered sales tax on aggregate materials and charitable deducting.
2002 Continuing Regular Session1/29/20025/20/20021125657
The House adjourned on Saturday, May 18, 2002 but the Senate did not adjourn until Monday, May 20, 2002.
2001 1st Special Session
Enact legislation to provide for the financial management of state government. Matters considered: Taxes, budget and appropriations, major bills not passed during regular session.
2001 Regular Session1/3/20015/21/20011395959
 Total regular session days for biennium115116
81st2000 Continuing Regular Session2/1/20005/17/20001085151
Since the sine die adjournment calendar date occurred after midnight and before 7 a.m. on Thursday, May 18, 2000, the last 'legislative day' in the biennium was Wednesday, May 17. 'Legislative day' is defined in Minnesota Statutes 3.012 as follows: 'A legislative day is a day when either house of the legislature is called to order. A legislative day begins at seven o'clock a.m. and continues until seven o'clock a.m. of the following calendar day.' However, the total number of calendar days for the 2000 regular session counts May 18 as a separate calendar day.
1999 Regular Session1/5/19995/17/19991336767
 Total regular session days for biennium118118
80th1998 1st Special Session
Clarify intent to allow recovery for fraud pursuant to Minn. Stat. 604.10; issues relating to economic development and Early Childhood and Family Education. Senate adjourned on 4/20/1998.
1998 Continuing Regular Session1/20/19984/9/1998804646
1997 3rd Special Session
Funding for baseball stadium. House adjourned 11/13/1997.
1997 2nd Special Session
Flood relief (also considered commissioners' pay, minimum wage).
1997 1st Special Session
K-12 education appropriations, DWI (also considered government data practices).
1997 Regular Session1/7/19975/19/19971336363
 Total regular session days for biennium109109
79th1996 Continuing Regular Session1/16/19964/3/1996794647
1995 1st Special Session
K-12 education appropriations and other unfinished business.
1995 Regular Session1/3/19955/22/19951406565
 Total regular session days for biennium111112
78th1994 1st Special Session
Strengthen sexual predator law.
1994 Continuing Regular Session2/22/19945/6/1994744545
1993 1st Special Session
Budget bills. Matters considered: Health and human services finance, higher education finance, election campaign financial disclosure of contributions, state budget, contingency airplane replacement funding, sentencing for repeat domestic abusers, revisor's bill to correct technical errors.
1993 Regular Session1/5/19935/17/19931336161
 Total regular session days for biennium106106
77th1992 Continuing Regular Session1/6/19924/16/19921024242
1991 Regular Session1/8/19915/20/19911335858
 Total regular session days for biennium100100
76th1990 Continuing Regular Session2/12/19904/25/1990733838
1989 1st Special Session
Pass a tax bill to replace the one vetoed by Governor Perpich in June. Matters considered: Property tax relief; statewide solid waste recycling program (financed by 6% tax on garbage collection fees). Note: The House met in the Senate chamber due to the remodeling of the House chamber.
1989 Regular Session1/3/19895/22/19891405858
 Total regular session days for biennium9696
75th1988 Continuing Regular Session2/9/19884/25/1988773838
1987 1st Special Session
Strengthen corporation takeover laws (at request of Dayton-Hudson). Matters considered: Takeover laws and shareholder protection; four other minor laws.
1987 Regular Session1/6/19875/18/19871335555
 Total regular session days for biennium9393
74th1986 1st Special Session
Legislature had adjourned without completing action on budget, revenues, and farm security loan guarantees.
1986 Continuing Regular Session2/3/19863/21/1986472326
House adjourned on 3/17/1986
1985 1st Special Session
Enact legislation to provide for the financial management of state government. Matters considered: Taxes, budget and appropriations, education, operation of state and local governments, major bills not passed during regular session.
1985 Regular Session1/8/19855/20/19851336565
 Total regular session days for biennium8891
73rd1984 Continuing Regular Session3/6/19844/24/1984502424
1983 Regular Session1/4/19835/23/19831406060
 Total regular session days for biennium8484
72nd1982 3rd Special Session
Balance the state budget for the current biennium. Matters considered: Reduce appropriations for fiscal year; reduce employer and increase employee contributions for various retirement funds; add 2 members to investment advisory board, etc.
1982 2nd Special Session
Provide short term emergency jobs for unemployed on the Iron Range, etc., and considers a local bill for Albert Lea. Matters considered: Employment aid from Northeast Minnesota Economic Protection Fund; authorized Albert Lea to expend certain federal revenue sharing funds.
1982 1st Special Session
Immediately address these unemployment insurance issues and unacceptable revisions in Minnesota's workers compensation system. Matters considered: Provided changes in Minnesota's unemployment compensation and workers compensation.
1982 Continuing Regular Session1/12/19823/19/1982673434
1981 3rd Special Session
Address the need to assure the state government has sufficient monies available to meet its cash-flow needs, as well as other matters. Matters considered: Reduced appropriations; authorized financial state aid shifts, etc.
1981 2nd Special Session
Enact short-term borrowing law so state can meets its financial obligations during cash shortage. Matters considered: Short term borrowing law; corrected certain errors in 1981 laws.
1981 1st Special Session
Enact essential legislation to provide for the orderly financial management of state government and to raise revenues to fund operations of state government and programs. Matters considered: Biennial budget and appropriations; tax bill.
1981 Regular Session1/6/19815/18/19811335757
 Total regular session days for biennium9191
71st1980 Continuing Regular Session1/22/19804/12/1980824040
1979 1st Special Session
The legislature ran out of time before passing three bills in the regular session. Prior agreement was reached between legislative leaders and governor. Matters considered: workers' compensation, energy, and transportation appropriations.
1979 Regular Session1/3/19795/21/19791395959
 Total regular session days for biennium9999
70th1978 Continuing Regular Session1/17/19783/24/1978673838
1977 Regular Session1/4/19775/23/19771406161
 Total regular session days for biennium9999
69th1976 Continuing Regular Session1/27/19764/7/1976725151
1975 Regular Session1/7/19755/19/19751335757
 Total regular session days for biennium108108
68th1974 Continuing Regular Session1/15/19743/29/1974745050
1973 Regular Session1/2/19735/21/19731406666
 Total regular session days for biennium116116
67th1971 1st Special Session
Taxes and revenues, reapportionment. Recessed between 7/31/1971 and 10/12/1971.
1971 Regular Session1/5/19715/24/1971140104104
66th1969 Regular Session1/7/19695/26/1969140102102
65th1967 1st Special Session
Revenue and tax measures and other matters not acted upon during regular session. Matters considered: Enacted 60 bills on various matters of importance including major taxation revision and major appropriations for governmental operations.
1967 Regular Session1/3/19675/22/1967140103103
64th1966 1st Special Session
Reapportionment. Matters considered: Apportionment.
1965 Regular Session1/5/19655/24/1965140100103
63rd1963 Regular Session1/8/19635/23/1963136100102
62nd1961 2nd Special Session
To consider congressional reapportionment, aid to the blind, and other matters of importance. Matters considered: Amended certain provisions relating to income tax, divided state into eight new congressional districts, and gave aid to blind.
1961 1st Special Session
To provide for basic appropriation and revenue measures, and other matters of importance not enacted during the regular session. Matters considered: Adopted 100 laws relating to professional corporations, unfair trade practices, license plates, agricultural seed, elections, claims, consolidation and investment of swampland and permanent school fund, retirement, uniform traffic tickets, soil conservation, sanitary districts, investment of state funds, salaries, state indebtedness, appropriations for buildings and general operation of state government, and numerous local laws.
House session adjourned 6/7/1961.
1961 Regular Session1/3/19614/17/19611057575
61st1959 1st Special Session
To provide for appropriation and tax measures not adopted during regular session. Matters considered: Adopted 90 laws relating to appropriations, taxation, salaries, retirement fees, distressed school districts, claims, reapportionment, daylight savings time, school laws recodification, interim commissions and local laws.
1959 Regular Session1/6/19594/21/19591067777
60th1958 2nd Special Session
Unemployment benefits; Korean veterans' bonuses.
1957 1st Special Session
To provide for appropriation and tax measures not adopted during regular session. Matters considered: Adopted omnibus tax measure; appropriated funds for buildings and general operation of state government; revised laws relating to the Railroad and Warehouse Commission; provided for reimbursement of utilities; adopted new salaries schedule for judges and changed judicial districts; changed retirement laws.
1957 Regular Session1/8/19574/25/19571087579
59th1955 1st Special Session
To provide for adoption of revenue measures to balance appropriations already passed. Matters considered: Adopted foundation aid formula; provided for appropriations; increased income tax rates and other taxes; proposed constitutional amendment to use occupation tax receipts for current education expenditures.
1955 Regular Session1/4/19554/21/19551087978
58th1953 Regular Session1/6/19534/22/19531077779
57th1951 1st Special Session
To pass necessary major legislation not passed during regular session. Matters considered: Appropriations.
1951 Regular Session1/2/19514/19/19511087577
56th1949 Regular Session1/4/19494/21/19491087478
55th1947 Regular Session1/7/19474/24/19471087676
54th1945 Regular Session1/2/19454/19/19451087576
53rd1944 1st Special Session
To consider suffrage of soldiers, change date of primary election. Matters considered: Military personnel suffrage; and change of primary and general election dates.
1943 Regular Session1/5/19434/21/19431077680
52nd1941 Regular Session1/7/19414/24/19411087776
51st1939 Regular Session1/3/19394/19/19391077676
50th1937 1st Special Session
Enact tax program not passed during regular session. Matters considered: Taxation and appropriations.
1937 Regular Session1/5/19374/22/19371087973
49th1936 2nd Special Session
To legislate for social security. Matters considered: An act to create an unemployment compensation fund and provide for cooperation with the federal Social Security Board.
1935 1st Special Session
Provide for legislation relative to the Social Security Act of federal government. Matters considered: Statewide system of old-age assistance; and various other laws.
1935 Regular Session1/8/19354/25/19351088277
48th1933 1st Special Session
To consider emergency situation of unemployment and cooperate with federal government concerning such, and to regulate the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors. Matters considered: Amendment to act relating to care of poor; authorize board of supervision of certain organized towns to create department of highway engineering for road construction; temperance education in public schools; regulate manufacture, sale and distribution of intoxicating liquors; authorize state executive council to extend direct relief, work relief, and employment of citizens; and various other laws.
1933 Regular Session1/3/19334/19/19331078177
47th1931 Regular Session1/6/19314/22/19311077871
46th1929 Regular Session1/8/19294/25/19291087673
45th1927 Regular Session1/4/19274/21/19271087872
44th1925 Regular Session1/6/19254/22/19251077775
43rd1923 Regular Session1/2/19234/19/19231087770
42nd1921 Regular Session1/4/19214/21/19211088080
41st1919 1st Special Session
To ratify the proposed Woman Suffrage Amendment, to enact legislation to benefit W.W. I soldiers, to create a state board of relief, to amend election laws, to establish a better state budget system, and to pass laws to curb profiteering and reduce high cost of living. Matters considered: Legalize county board action appropriating money for relief of flood sufferers; act relating to nomination and election of presidential electors; creation of state board of relief; provide for investigation of cost of living to be performed by commissioner of agriculture; bonuses payable to military personnel; and woman suffrage.
1919 Regular Session1/7/19194/24/1919108
40th1917 Regular Session1/2/19174/19/19171087876
39th1916 1st Special Session
To consider law to permit members of National Guard to vote at next election. Matters considered: Provide for method by which legal voter member of National Guard may vote.
1915 Regular Session1/5/19154/22/1915108
38th1913 Regular Session1/7/19134/24/1913108
37th1912 1st Special Session
To enact a statewide direct primary law applicable to all state officers, a corrupt practices act, and a reapportionment law. Matters considered: Provide for laws relative to statewide primary, description of party, filing, etc.; act pertaining to corrupt practices at primaries, elections, and candidates; reapportionment; and other laws.
1911 Regular Session1/3/19114/19/19111077771
36th1909 Regular Session1/5/19094/22/19091085971
35th1907 Regular Session1/8/19074/24/1907107
34th1905 Regular Session1/3/19054/18/1905106
33rd1903 Regular Session1/6/19034/21/1903106
32nd1902 1st Special Session
To consider report of tax commission created by 1901 Minn. Laws Chap. 13. Matters considered: Amendment to constitution relating to power of taxation; taxation of real estate, inheritance, gifts, personal property; provide for public examiners, primary election; and other laws.
1901 Regular Session1/8/19014/12/190195
31st1899 Regular Session1/3/18994/18/1899106
30th1897 Regular Session1/5/18974/21/1897107
29th1895 Regular Session1/8/18954/23/1895106
28th1893 Regular Session1/3/18934/18/1893106
27th1891 Regular Session1/6/18914/20/1891105
26th1889 Regular Session1/8/18894/23/1889106
25th1887 Regular Session1/4/18873/4/188760
24th1885 Regular Session1/6/18853/6/188560
23rd1883 Regular Session1/2/18833/2/188360
22nd1881 1st Special Session
To consider previous legislation on state railroad bonds which had been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Matters considered: Provide for payment of railroad adjustment bonds previously issued; and to provide for the issuing of new bonds, various other laws.
1881 Regular Session1/4/18813/4/188160
21st1879 Regular Session1/7/18793/7/187960
Biennial sessions begin.
20th1878 Regular Session1/8/18783/8/187860
19th1877 Regular Session1/2/18773/2/187760
18th1876 Regular Session1/4/18763/3/187660
17th1875 Regular Session1/5/18753/5/187560
16th1874 Regular Session1/6/18743/6/187460
15th1873 Regular Session1/7/18733/7/187360
14th1872 Regular Session1/2/18723/1/187260
13th1871 Regular Session1/3/18713/3/187160
12th1870 Regular Session1/4/18703/4/187060
11st1869 Regular Session1/5/18693/5/186960
10th1868 Regular Session1/7/18683/6/186860
9th1867 Regular Session1/8/18673/8/186760
8th1866 Regular Session1/2/18663/2/186660
7th1865 Regular Session1/3/18653/3/186560
6th1864 Regular Session1/5/18643/4/186460
5th1863 Regular Session1/6/18633/6/186360
4th1862 1st Special Session
Indian outbreak. Matters considered: Suffrage for military personnel; provide for organization, equipment of militia; regulate intoxicating liquor for Indians; and other laws.
1862 Regular Session1/7/18623/7/186260
3rd1861 Regular Session1/8/18613/8/186160
2nd*1859-1860 Regular Session12/7/18593/12/186097
1st*1857-1858 Regular Session12/2/18578/12/1858254
Recessed between 3/25/1858 and 6/2/1858.
8th Territorial1857 1st Special Session4/27/18575/25/185729
The 1857-58 Legislative Manual gives erroneous adjournment date of 23 May.
8th Territorial1857 Regular Session1/7/18573/7/185760
7th Territorial1856 Regular Session1/2/18563/1/185660
6th Territorial1855 Regular Session1/3/18553/3/185560
5th Territorial1854 Regular Session1/4/18543/4/185460
4th Territorial1853 Regular Session1/5/18533/5/185360
3rd Territorial1852 Regular Session1/7/18523/6/185260
2nd Territorial1851 Regular Session1/1/18513/31/185190
1st Territorial1849 Regular Session9/3/184911/1/184960

*A note in the Legislative Manual for the State of Minnesota 1881 (p. 180) states that due to the protracted session of 1857-58 the 1858-59 meeting of the legislature was unnecessary and even though there was an election in the fall of 1858, those elected were never sworn in.

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