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Legislative Time Capsule - 88th Legislature (2013-2014)

Session Dates (All sessions)

  Convened Adjourned Calendar Days Legislative Days
House Senate
1/8/2013 5/20/2013 133 62 62
2013 1st Special Session
To provide disaster relief for 18 counties due to severe storms and flooding.
9/9/2013 9/9/2013 1 1 1
2/25/2014 5/16/2014 81 44 44

Legislation (All sessions)

  House - Bills Introduced Senate - Bills Introduced Laws Resolutions
2013 1862 Search 1683 Search 144   Search 0
2013 1st Special Session 20 Search 33 Search 1   Search 0
2014 1534 Search 1309 Search 168   Search 0

Legislation - Other Information

Vetoes (All sessions)

  Full Bills Vetoed
(including pockets)
Pocket Vetoes Bills with Line Item Vetoes [# of lines vetoed] TOTAL
Full Bills Vetoed + Lines Vetoed
Full Bills Vetoed + Bills with Lines Vetoed
2013 0 0 2   [3] 3 2
2013 1st Special Session 0 0 0   [0] 0 0
2014 1 0 1   [1] 2 2

Leadership     House Leadership Page      Senate Leadership Page

Speaker of the House Paul Thissen  (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
House Majority Leader Erin Murphy  (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt  (Republican)
President of the Senate Sandra L. Pappas  (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Senate Majority Leader Thomas M. Bakk  (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Senate Minority Leader David W. Hann  (Republican)


Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives Albin A. Mathiowetz
House Sergeant-at-Arms Travis Reese
Secretary of the Senate JoAnne M. Zoff
Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Sven K. Lindquist

Election Results - Selected election results are available at this page.

Party Control of the House of Representatives (All sessions)

Date Event Note Total Seats C/R/IR L/DFL Other Margin
1/8/2013 Convenes Rep. Terry Morrow (DFL, 19A) and Rep. Steve Gottwalt (R, 14A) were elected to serve in the 88th Legislature but both resigned before it began. [Total seats possible = 134] 132 60 72 0 12
2/12/2013 Special election Tama Theis (R) won the special election in District 14A and Clark Johnson (DFL) won the special election in District 19A. 134 61 73 0 12
2/25/2014 Convenes [Total seats possible = 134] 134 61 73 0 12
C=Conservative  R=Republican  IR=Independent Republican  L=Liberal  DFL=Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Party Control of the Senate (All sessions)

Date Event Note Total Seats C/R/IR L/DFL Other Margin
1/8/2013 Convenes [Total seats possible = 67] 67 28 39 0 11
2/25/2014 Convenes [Total seats possible = 67] 67 28 39 0 11
C=Conservative  R=Republican  IR=Independent Republican  L=Liberal  DFL=Democratic-Farmer-Labor

House Committees Show/Hide

House Committee Page

Agriculture Policy Members Minutes
Capital Investment Members Minutes
Civil Law Members Minutes
Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance and Policy Members Minutes
Early Childhood and Youth Development Policy Members Minutes
Education Finance Members Minutes
Education Policy Members Minutes
Elections Members Minutes
Energy Policy Members Minutes
Environment and Natural Resources Policy Members Minutes
Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Members Minutes
Ethics Members Minutes
Government Operations Members Minutes
Health and Human Services Finance Members Minutes
Health and Human Services Policy Members Minutes
Higher Education Finance and Policy Members Minutes
Housing Finance and Policy Members Minutes
Jobs and Economic Development Finance and Policy Members Minutes
Judiciary Finance and Policy Members Minutes
Labor, Workplace and Regulated Industries Members Minutes
Legacy Members Minutes
Public Safety Finance and Policy Members Minutes
Rules and Legislative Administration Members Minutes
State Government Finance and Veterans Affairs Members Minutes
Taxes Members Minutes
      Property and Local Tax Division Members Minutes
Transportation Finance Members Minutes
Transportation Policy Members Minutes
Ways and Means Members Minutes

Senate Committees Show/Hide

Senate Committee Page

Capital Investment Members
Commerce Members
Education Members
Environment and Energy Members
Finance Members
      E-12 Division Members
      Environment, Economic Development, and Agriculture Division Members
      Health and Human Services Division Members
      Higher Education and Workforce Development Division Members
      Judiciary Division Members
      State Departments and Veterans Division Members
      Subcommittee on Legacy Members
      Transportation and Public Safety Division Members
Health, Human Services and Housing Members
Higher Education and Workforce Development Members
Jobs, Agriculture, and Rural Development Members
Judiciary Members
Rules and Administration Members
      Elections Members
State and Local Government Members
Taxes Members
      Tax Reform Division Members
Transportation and Public Safety Members

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