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Title: History of Minnesota Forest Nurseries
Article Date: Compiled April 5, 2011 2011
Source: Minnesota Legislative Reference Library
Type: Other
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1903 The first state forest nursery was established at the Pillsbury Forest Reserve through a resolution adopted by the state Forestry Board at its meeting on April 10, 1903.
Source: A History of Forestry in Minnesota, p. 10.

1910 Due to lack of funding, nursery staff were laid off in September 1910.
Source: A Century for the Trees

1926 Minnesota constitutional amendment was approved by the voters "authorizing the enactment of laws encouraging and promoting forestation and reforestation of lands in this state, and
providing for special taxation thereof." Laws of Minnesota 1925, Chapter 427

Note: a similar amendment was rejected by the voters in 1924

1927 Laws of Minnesota 1927, Chapter 244 created an interim Reforestation Commission "to make a study and investigation in respect to afforestation and reforestation of lands, delinquent real estate taxes, and finances of counties and taxing districts, in the forest areas of this state."

The resulting report had a recommendation for the creation of state forest nurseries. The page with this recommendation is hard to read. (Original is poor-quality fiche) *** See the last page. It's a readable version of the original.

1929 The Badoura Nursery was created at Akeley in Hubbard County. It was established prior to the 1931 authorizing law. Source: A History of Forestry in Minnesota, p. 23.

1931 A law passed in 1931 that authorized the commissioner of Forestry and Fire Prevention to establish forest nurseries and appropriated money. (Laws of Minnesota 1931, Chapter 281)
Source: DNR Nurseries: Building Forests of the Future

1939 The General Andrews Nursery was established north of Willow River in Pine County.
Source: A History of Forestry in Minnesota, p.31.
Source: DNR nurseries building forests of the future

Additional source of information:

State Forest Nursery Program annual reports, 1998-2009:


"DNR Nurseries: Building Forests of the Future". Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources News Release. April 16, 2009.

A History of Forestry in Minnesota, With Particular Reference to Forestry Legislation. Association of Minnesota Division of Lands and Forestry Employees, 1969.

Hoff, Mary. "Century for the Trees". Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine. March/April 2011.
(Places the development of Minnesota's forest nurseries within the history of forestry in Minnesota)

"Minnesota Reforestation Commission Report to House and Senate. November 1928. [excerpt]

Compiled by staff of the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library, April 2011.



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