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Conference Committee Activity 2017

Note: The first bill listed is the bill that has been passed by both the House and Senate, the second is its companion.

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Bills in Conference Committee

  • REAL ID Act implementation authorized, driver's license and Minnesota identification card requirements amended, data practices provided, report required, and money appropriated.
  • Omnibus tax bill.
  • Premium security plan created, legislative working group established, health care provider system access regulated, premium subsidy program provisions modified, funding provided, and money appropriated.
  • Teacher licensing system restructured, Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board established, all teacher licensing and support personnel licensing and credentialing authority transferred to the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board, rulemaking provided, and report required.
  • Senate and house of representatives funding provided, transfers required, and money appropriated.
  • Public safety omnibus bill.
  • Uniform State Labor Standards Act enacted, and uniformity for employment mandates on private employers provided.
  • Landscape application contracts regulated, and exclusion provided.
  • Omnibus legacy bill.
  • Motor vehicle franchises regulated; warranty and recall obligations specified; unfair practices and succession agreements by manufacturers, distributors, and factory branches regulated; and penalties provided.
  • Minnesota sports facilities authority (MSFA) appointments and duties modifications and stadium suites use restriction
  • Koochiching County; Transportation Department unused or divided land conveyance provided, highways on the trunk highway system removed or modified, and state-owned land conveyance authorized.
  • Omnibus transportation finance bill.
  • Omnibus environment and natural resources finance bill.
  • Omnibus education finance bill.
  • Omnibus school aid and tax bill.
  • Omnibus capital investment bill
  • Insurance fraud regulated, penalties and notices modified, term defined, and Commerce Fraud Bureau authority to apply for or execute search warrants clarified.
  • Actions involving architectural barriers provisions changed.
  • Omnibus agriculture bill.
  • Omnibus agriculture policy bill.
  • Milk transport vehicle weight limitations amended.
  • Health insurance premium assistance temporary payment program; health maintenance organizations (HMO) requirements and health insurance modifications; agricultural cooperative health plan authorization; tax provision modification; transition of care coverage for 2017; reporting requirements; funds transfer; appropriation
  • Omnibus liquor bill
  • Environment and natural resources trust fund appropriation and receipt of fund money requirements modification
  • Omnibus state government appropriations bill; omnibus veterans and military affairs appropriations bill
  • Omnibus agriculture and housing appropriations bill
  • Opioid epidemic response advisory council and the opiate epidemic response account creation; modifying certain payment rates; appropriating money
  • Omnibus health human services bill
  • Omnibus judiciary and public safety appropriations bill
  • Omnibus environment and natural resources appropriation bill
  • Omnibus higher education appropriations bill
  • Omnibus jobs and economic growth appropriations bill
  • Omnibus jobs, commerce, energy, labor and industry, and employment and economic development appropriations bill
  • Omnibus higher education appropriations and policy bill

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Bills in Conference Committee (2017)