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Minnesota Legislators Past & Present - Session Search Results

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Abeler, Jim House 1999-2002 (District 49A); House 2003-2012 (District 48B); House 2013-2014 (District 35A); Senate 2016-Present (District 35)
Acomb, Patty House 2019-Present (District 44B)
Albright, Tony House 2013-Present (District 55B)
Anderson, Bruce Douglas House 1995-2002 (District 19B); House 2003-2012 (District 19A); Senate 2013-Present (District 29)
Anderson, Paul H. House 2009-2012 (District 13A); House 2013-Present (District 12B)
Anderson, Paul T. Senate 2017-Present (District 44)
Backer, Jeff House 2015-Present (District 12A)
Bahner, Kristin House 2019-Present (District 34B)
Bahr, Cal House 2017-Present (District 31B)
Baker, Dave House 2015-Present (District 17B)
Bakk, Thomas M. - "Tom" House 1995-2002 (District 6A); Senate 2003-2012 (District 6); Senate 2013-Present (District 3)
Becker-Finn, Jamie House 2017-Present (District 42B)
Bennett, Peggy House 2015-Present (District 27A)
Benson, Michelle R. Senate 2011-2012 (District 49); Senate 2013-Present (District 31)
Bernardy, Connie House 2001-2002 (District 48B); House 2003-2006 (District 51B); House 2013-Present (District 41A)
Bierman, Robert House 2019-Present (District 57A)
Bigham, Karla House 2007-2010 (District 57A); Senate 2018-Present (District 54)
Boe, Greg House 2019-Present (District 47B)
Brand, Jeff House 2019-Present (District 19A)
Cantrell, Hunter House 2019-Present (District 56A)
Carlson, Andrew House 2017-Present (District 50B)
Carlson, Jim Senate 2007-2010 (District 38); Senate 2013-Present (District 51)
Carlson, Sr., Lyndon R. House 1973-82 (District 44A); House 1983-2002 (District 46B); House 2003-2012 (District 45B); House 2013-Present (District 45A)
Chamberlain, Roger C. Senate 2011-2012 (District 53); Senate 2013-Present (District 38)
Champion, Bobby Joe House 2009-2012 (District 58B); Senate 2013-Present (District 59)
Christensen, Michelle - "Shelly" House 2019-Present (District 39B)
Claflin, Anne House 2019-Present (District 54A)
Clausen, Gregory D. - "Greg" Senate 2013-Present (District 57)
Cohen, Richard J. House 1977-78 (District 63B); House 1983-86 (District 64B); Senate 1987-2012 (District 64); Senate 2013-Present (District 64)
Considine, Jr., John - "Jack" House 2015-Present (District 19B)
Cwodzinski, Steve A. Senate 2017-Present (District 48)
Dahms, Gary H. Senate 2011-2012 (District 21); Senate 2013-Present (District 16)
Daniels, Brian House 2015-Present (District 24B)
Daudt, Kurt House 2011-2012 (District 17A); House 2013-Present (District 31A)
Davids, Gregory M. - "Greg" House 1991-92 (District 32B); House 1993-2006 (District 31B); House 2009-2012 (District 31B); House 2013-Present (District 28B)
Davnie, Jim House 2001-2012 (District 62A); House 2013-Present (District 63A)
Dehn, Raymond House 2013-Present (District 59B)
Demuth, Lisa House 2019-Present (District 13A)
Dettmer, Bob House 2007-2012 (District 52A); House 2013-Present (District 39A)
Dibble, D. Scott - "Scott" House 2001-2002 (District 60B); Senate 2003-2012 (District 60); Senate 2013-Present (District 61)
Draheim, Rich Senate 2017-Present (District 20)
Drazkowski, Steve - "Draz" House 2007-2012 (District 28B); House 2013-Present (District 21B)
Dziedzic, Kari Senate 2012-2012 (District 59); Senate 2013-Present (District 60)
Eaton, Chris A. Senate 2011-2012 (District 46); Senate 2013-Present (District 40)
Ecklund, Rob House 2016-Present (District 3A)
Edelson, Heather House 2019-Present (District 49A)
Eichorn, Justin Senate 2017-Present (District 05)
Eken, Bernhard Kent - "Kent" House 2003-2012 (District 2A); Senate 2013-Present (District 4)
Elkins, Steve House 2019-Present (District 49B)
Erickson, Sondra House 1998-2002 (District 17A); House 2003-2008 (District 16A); House 2011-2012 (District 16A); House 2013-Present (District 15A)
Fabian, Dan House 2011-2012 (District 1A); House 2013-Present (District 1A)
Fischer, Peter House 2013-Present (District 43A)
Franson, Mary House 2011-2012 (District 11B); House 2013-Present (District 8B)
Franzen, Melisa Senate 2013-Present (District 49)
Freiberg, Mike House 2013-Present (District 45B)
Frentz, Nick Senate 2017-Present (District 19)
Garofalo, Patrick - "Pat" House 2005-2012 (District 36B); House 2013-Present (District 58B)
Gazelka, Paul House 2005-2006 (District 12A); Senate 2011-2012 (District 12); Senate 2013-Present (District 9)
Goggin, Michael P. - "Mike" Senate 2017-Present (District 21)
Gomez, Aisha House 2019-Present (District 62B)
Green, Steve House 2013-Present (District 02B)
Grossell, Matthew House 2017-Present (District 02A)
Gruenhagen, Glenn House 2011-2012 (District 25A); House 2013-Present (District 18B)
Gunther, Bob House 1995-2002 (District 26A); House 2003-2012 (District 24A); House 2013-Present (District 23A)
Haley, Barb House 2017-Present (District 21A)
Hall, Dan D. Senate 2011-2012 (District 40); Senate 2013-Present (District 56)
Halverson, Laurie House 2013-Present (District 51B)
Hamilton, Rod House 2005-2012 (District 22B); House 2013-Present (District 22B)
Hansen, Rick House 2005-2012 (District 39A); House 2013-Present (District 52A)
Hassan, Hodan House 2019-Present (District 62A)
Hausman, Alice House 1989-92 (District 63B); House 1993-2012 (District 66B); House 2013-Present (District 66A)
Hawj, Foung Senate 2013-Present (District 67)
Hayden, Jeff House 2009-2011 (District 61B); Senate 2011-2012 (District 61); Senate 2013-Present (District 62)
Heinrich, John House 2019-Present (District 35A)
Heintzeman, Joshua - "Josh" House 2015-Present (District 10A)
Her, Kaohly House 2019-Present (District 64A)
Hertaus, Jerome Allan - "Jerry" House 2013-Present (District 33A)
Hoffman, John A. Senate 2013-Present (District 36)
Hornstein, Frank House 2003-2012 (District 60B); House 2013-Present (District 61A)
Hortman, Melissa House 2005-2012 (District 47B); House 2013-Present (District 36B)
Housley, Karin Senate 2013-Present (District 39)
Howard, Michael House 2019-Present (District 50A)
Howe, Jeff House 2013-2018 (District 13A); Senate 2018-Present (District 13)
Huot, John House 2019-Present (District 57B)
Ingebrigtsen, Bill G. Senate 2007-2012 (District 11); Senate 2013-Present (District 8)
Isaacson, Jason - "Ike" House 2013-2016 (District 42B); Senate 2017-Present (District 42)
Jasinski, John R. Senate 2017-Present (District 24)
Jensen, Scott Senate 2017-Present (District 47)
Johnson, Brian House 2013-Present (District 32A)
Johnson, Mark Senate 2017-Present (District 01)
Jurgens, Tony House 2017-Present (District 54B)
Kent, Susan Senate 2013-Present (District 53)
Kiel, Debra - "Deb" House 2011-2012 (District 1B); House 2013-Present (District 1B)
Kiffmeyer, Mary House 2009-2012 (District 16B); Senate 2013-Present (District 30)
Klein, Matt D. Senate 2017-Present (District 52)
Klevorn, Ginny House 2019-Present (District 44A)
Koegel, Erin House 2017-Present (District 37A)
Koran, Mark Senate 2017-Present (District 32)
Kotyza-Witthuhn, Carlie House 2019-Present (District 48B)
Koznick, Jon House 2015-Present (District 58A)
Kresha, Ron House 2013-Present (District 09B)
Kunesh-Podein, Mary House 2017-Present (District 41B)
Laine, Carolyn House 2007-2012 (District 50A); House 2013-2016 (District 41B); Senate 2017-Present (District 41)
Lang, Andrew R. Senate 2017-Present (District 17)
Latz, Ronald Steven - "Ron" House 2003-2006 (District 44B); Senate 2007-2012 (District 44); Senate 2013-Present (District 46)
Layman, Sandy House 2017-Present (District 05B)
Lee, Fue House 2017-Present (District 59A)
Lesch, John House 2003-2012 (District 66A); House 2013-Present (District 66B)
Liebling, Tina House 2005-2012 (District 30A); House 2013-Present (District 26A)
Lien, Ben House 2013-Present (District 04A)
Lillie, Leon M. House 2005-2012 (District 55A); House 2013-Present (District 43B)
Limmer, Warren E. House 1989-92 (District 48A); House 1993-95 (District 33B); Senate 1995-2002 (District 33); Senate 2003-2012 (District 32); Senate 2013-Present (District 34)
Lippert, Todd House 2019-Present (District 20B)
Lislegard, Dave House 2019-Present (District 6B)
Little, Matt Senate 2017-Present (District 58)
Loeffler, Diane House 2005-2012 (District 59A); House 2013-Present (District 60A)
Long, Jamie House 2019-Present (District 61B)
Lucero, Eric House 2015-Present (District 30B)
Lueck, Dale House 2015-Present (District 10B)
Mahoney, Tim House 1999-2012 (District 67A); House 2013-Present (District 67A)
Mann, Alice House 2019-Present (District 56B)
Mariani, Carlos House 1991-2012 (District 65B); House 2013-Present (District 65B)
Marquart, Paul House 2001-2012 (District 9B); House 2013-Present (District 4B)
Marty, John J. Senate 1987-92 (District 63); Senate 1993-2012 (District 54); Senate 2013-Present (District 66)
Masin, Sandra House 2007-2010 (District 38A); House 2013-Present (District 51A)
Mathews, Andrew Senate 2017-Present (District 15)
McDonald, Joe House 2011-2012 (District 19B); House 2013-Present (District 29A)
Mekeland, Shane House 2019-Present (District 15B)
Miller, Jeremy R. Senate 2011-2012 (District 31); Senate 2013-Present (District 28)
Miller, Tim House 2015-Present (District 17A)
Moller, Kelly House 2019-Present (District 42A)
Moran, Rena House 2011-2012 (District 65A); House 2013-Present (District 65A)
Morrison, Kelly House 2019-Present (District 33B)
Munson, Jeremy House 2018-Present (District 23B)
Murphy, Mary Catherine House 1977-82 (District 14B); House 1983-2002 (District 8A): House 2003-2012 (District 6B); House 2013-Present (District 3B)
Nash, Jim House 2015-Present (District 47A)
Nelson, Carla J. House 2003-2004 (District 30A); Senate 2011-2012 (District 30); Senate 2013-Present (District 26)
Nelson, Michael V. - "Mike" House 2003-2012 (District 46A); House 2013-Present (District 40A)
Nelson, Nathan House 2019 -Present (District 11B)
Neu, Anne E House 2017 -Present (District 32B)
Newman, Scott J. House 2004-2006 (District 18A); Senate 2011-2012 (District 18); Senate 2013-Present (District 18)
Newton, Jerry House 2009-2010 (District 49B); House 2013-2016 (District 37A); Senate 2017-Present (District 37)
Noor, Mohamud House 2019-Present (District 60B)
Nornes, Bud B. House 1997-2012 (District 10A); House 2013-Present (District 8A)
O'Driscoll, Tim House 2011-2012 (District 14A); House 2013-Present (District 13B)
Olson, Liz House 2017-Present (District 07B)
O'Neill, Marion House 2013-Present (District 29B)
Osmek, David J. Senate 2013-Present (District 33)
Pappas, Sandra L. - "Sandy" House 1985-90 (District 65B); Senate 1991-2012 (District 65); Senate 2013-Present (District 65)
Pelowski, Jr., Gene P. House 1987-92 (District 34B); House 1993-2002 (District 32A); House 2003-2012 (District 31A); House 2013-Present (District 28A)
Persell, Jr., John Sterling House 2009-2012 (District 4A); House 2013-2016 (District 5A); House 2019-Present (District 5A)
Petersburg, John House 2013-Present (District 24A)
Pierson, Nels House 2015-Present (District 26B)
Pinto, Dave House 2015-Present (District 64B)
Poppe, Jeanne E. House 2005-2012 (District 27B); House 2013-Present (District 27B)
Poston, John House 2017-Present (District 09A)
Pratt, Eric R. Senate 2013-Present (District 55)
Pryor, Laurie House 2017-Present (District 48A)
Quam, II, Duane House 2011-2012 (District 29A); House 2013-Present (District 25A)
Rarick, Jason House 2015-2019 (District 11B); Senate 2019-Present (District 11)
Relph, Jerry Senate 2017-Present (District 14)
Rest, Ann H. House 1985-2000 (District 46A); Senate 2001-2002 (District 46); Senate 2003-2012 (District 45); Senate 2013-Present (District 45)
Richardson, Ruth A. House 2019-Present (District 52B)
Robbins, Kristin House 2019-Present (District 34A)
Rosen, Julie A. Senate 2003-2012 (District 24); Senate 2013-Present (District 23)
Runbeck, Linda House 1989-92 (District 52A); Senate 1993-2000 (District 53); House 2011-2012 (District 53A); House 2013-Present (District 38A)
Ruud, Carrie L. Senate 2003-2006 (District 4); Senate 2013-Present (District 10)
Sandell, Steve House 2019-Present (District 53B)
Sandstede, Julie House 2017-Present (District 06A)
Sauke, Duane House 2017-Present (District 25B)
Schomacker, Joe House 2011-2012 (District 22A); House 2013-Present (District 22A)
Schultz, Jennifer - "Jen" House 2015-Present (District 7A)
Scott, Peggy House 2009-2012 (District 49A); House 2013-Present (District 35B)
Senjem, David H. - "Dave" Senate 2003-2012 (District 29); Senate 2013-Present (District 25)
Simonson, Erik House 2013-2016 (District 07B); Senate 2017-Present (District 07)
Sparks, Daniel D. - "Dan" Senate 2003-2012 (District 27); Senate 2013-Present (District 27)
Stephenson, Zack House 2019-Present (District 36A)
Sundin, Mike House 2013-Present (District 11A)
Swedzinski, Chris House 2011-2012 (District 21A); House 2013-Present (District 16A)
Tabke, Brad House 2019-Present (District 55A)
Theis, Tama House 2013-Present (District 14A)
Tomassoni, David J. - "Dave" House 1993-2000 (District 5B); Senate 2000-2012 (District 5); Senate 2013-Present (District 6)
Torkelson, Paul House 2009-2012 (District 21B); House 2013-Present (District 16B)
Torres Ray, Patricia Senate 2007-2012 (District 62); Senate 2013-Present (District 63)
Urdahl, Dean House 2003-2012 (District 18B); House 2013-Present (District 18A)
Utke, Paul J. Senate 2017-Present (District 02)
Vang, Samantha - "Sam" House 2019-Present (District 40B)
Vogel, Bob House 2015-Present (District 20A)
Wagenius, Jean D. House 1987-92 (District 62B); House 1993-2002 (District 63A); House 2003-2012 (District 62B); House 2013-Present (District 63B)
Wazlawik, Ami House 2019-Present (District 38B)
Weber, Bill Senate 2013-Present (District 22)
West, Nolan House 2017-Present (District 37B)
Westrom, Torrey House 1997-2002 (District 13A); House 2003-2012 (District 11A); Senate 2013-Present (District 12)
Wiger, Sr., Charles W. - "Chuck" Senate 1996-2012 (District 55); Senate 2013-Present (District 43)
Wiklund, Melissa Halvorson Senate 2013-Present (District 50)
Winkler, Ryan House 2007-2012 (District 44B); House 2013-2015 (District 46A); House 2019-Present (District 46A)
Wolgamott, Dan House 2019-Present (District 14B)
Xiong, Jay House 2019-Present (District 67B)
Xiong, Tou House 2019-Present (District 53A)
Youakim, Cheryl House 2015-Present (District 46B)
Zerwas, Nicholas - "Nick" House 2013-Present (District 30A)