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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Military Affairs Department

Also known as:
Adjutant General
Minnesota National Guard (largest component of Military Affairs)
Active dates:1856 -

Organizes, trains, equips, and houses the military forces of the state of Minnesota. Has control and jurisdiction over the Camp Ripley Military Reservation, state-owned or controlled armories, and air national guard bases.

The Department of Military Affairs provides the structure and resources to accomplish the four core programs that support the Minnesota National Guard: Maintenance of Training Facilities; Enlistment Incentives; Emergency Services; General Support.


The office of the adjutant general has existed since the territorial period. The adjutant general is the executive officer of the Department of Military Affairs, which consists of the military forces of the state, civilians employed for administration and maintenance, and state-owned military installations. The military forces include the Army National Guard, the Air National Guard, and, when organized, the Minnesota State Guard. There was formerly also a Naval Militia. The department operates under Minnesota Statutes Chapters 190-195. The Guards website provides an extensive historical timeline of the Minnesota National Guard.

The Minnesota National Guard is under state jurisdiction and can be used by the governor to assist the state during disasters and other state emergencies. The federal mission of the Guard is to provide a reserve component of the active U.S. Army and Air Force that may be called into federal service by the president in time of war or national emergency.

Agency heads:

Major General Jon A. Jensen (November 2017 - ); Major General Richard Nash (November 2010 - October 2017); Major General Larry W. Shellito (October 2003 - October 2010).

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Record last updated: 02/06/2019

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