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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Minnesota State Retirement System

Also known as:
MN State Retirement System
Minnesota State Retirement Systems Board
Active dates:1929-

The Board of directors establishes rules and regulations for the administration of the Minnesota State Retirement System and Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan and the Health Care Savings Plan; approves agency budget; handles covered employee appeals.


The Minnesota State Employees Retirement Association was established by the legislature in 1929 (Laws 1929 c191) to provide retirement and disability benefits for state employees, and survivor benefits for their dependents. Legislation in 1967 (Ex. Sess. Laws 1967 c57 s8) established the Minnesota State Retirement System as a continuation of the association. The system now (1986) administers separate retirement programs for state employees, correctional employees, unclassified employees, legislators, elective officers, the judicial system, and the state troopers fund (which includes state troopers, conservation officers, and crime bureau personnel). It also administers a deferred compensation plan. Sources: Laws of Minnesota; Minnesota guidebook to state agency services, 1984-1985.


Members: 11 members (3 members appointed by governor, including 1 constitutional officer or appointed state official and 2 public members; 1 employee member appointed by the Metropolitan Transit Commission-Transit Operating Division union; 6 elected members, 4 from the general plan, 1 from the state trooper plan, 1 from correctional employees plan; 1 retired state employee); per diem for public members; members file with Ethical Practices Board; members subject to the provisions of the Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability Act of 1989 (Section 356A).

Record last updated: 02/06/2019

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