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Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee

Also known as:
Minnesota e-Health Initiative Advisory Committee
Active dates:2009 - 2021

The committee advises the Commissioner of Health on the following matters: 

1) assessment of the use of health information technology by the state, licensed health care providers and facilities, and local public health agencies;
2) recommendations for implementing a statewide interoperable health information infrastructure, to include estimates
of necessary resources, and for determining standards for administrative data exchange, clinical support programs, patient privacy
requirements, and maintenance of the security and confidentiality of individual patient data; and
3) other related issues as requested by the commissioner.


2009 Minn. Laws Chap. 102 Sec. 1 changed the Health Information Technology and Infrastructure Advisory Committee to the Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee.

A sentence on the Committee's home page says: "The Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee was established in 2004 under Minnesota Statute. This may be referring to the broader e-Health initiative, but it is unclear. The 2009 "Annual Compilation and Statistical Report of Multi-Member Agencies" says: "This newly created committee advises the Commissioner ..." (see p.196).

The Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee was reviewed by the Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy (LCPFP) in 2013 as part of their biennial duty required by Minn. Stat. 3.885 Subd. 11. The LCPFP's 2013 Recommendations called for keeping the committee.

In 2015, the committee's sunset date was extended from the year 2015 to the year 2021.

Advisory to:
Commissioner of Health

The members of the Advisory Committee shall include the commissioners, or commissioners' designees of health, human services, administration, and commence and additional members to be appointed by the commissioner to include persons representing Minnesota's local public health agencies, licensed hospitals and other licensed facilities and providers, private purchasers, the medical and nursing professions, health insurers and health plans, long term care providers, the state quality improvement organization, academic and research institutions, consumer advisory organizations with an interest and expertise in health information technology, and other stakeholders as identified by the Advisory Committee.

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Record last updated: 04/22/2019

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