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Governor's Task Force on Broadband


To develop, implement and promote state broadband policy, planning and initiatives to achieve State broadband needs and goals. Inventory, assess and report on various aspects of broadband. Develop a Minnesota Broadband Plan outline.

By December 30, 2011, the task force shall inventory, assess and report on a variety of broadband issues and concerns. By January 31, 2012, the task force shall develop a Minnesota Broadband Plan outline, including strategies, tasks, action items, and recommendations.

Active dates:2011-

"Broadband accessibility is an issue that is critical to growing our state's economy - particularly in greater Minnesota. As long as there are inequities in access to broadband in Minnesota, we will see those same inequities reflected in our schools, hospitals and businesses," Dayton said in a news release (August 25, 2011).

The Executive Order states that "it is a goal of the state that by 2015, and thereafter, the state be in:
1. The top five states of the United States for broadband speed universally accessible to residents and businesses;
2. The top five state for broadband access; and
3. The top 15 when compared to countries globally for broadband penetration"

Dayton is also directing the Minnesota Department of Commerce to create a Broadband Development Office.

The Task Force issued a report in December, 2011. It states in part: "The report we present today is a high-level analysis utilizing existing data and information that will allow the Task Force to move forward into 2012 with a foundation upon which we can develop a more comprehensive approach to broadband policy development. This process will begin in January 2012 when the Task Force will release a Minnesota Broadband Plan Outline."

The Task Force in the January 31, 2012 report, indicated that in addition to the Annual Broadband Plan that will be submitted in December 2012, a September 2012 Status Report would be delivered to the Governor.


15 members, to be appointed by Governor Dayton through the open appointments process. Members of the taskforce will represent a balance of broadband interests, including consumers, business and residential users, educational and health care institutions, telephone and cable companies, wireless providers as well as metro and rural local units of government. The Governor will designate a member to serve as chair of the task force.

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