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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

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Crime Victims Reparations Board

Also known as:
Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board
Active dates:1974-

The Reparations Program assists crime victims with their financial losses as they recover from a violent crime. The Reparations Board meets once a month to review and decide contested claims and conduct related business.


The Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board is a state program that provides compensation to victims of violent crime and their families. The Board was established in 1974 in response to increased public concern for victims of violent crime. During the program's 35 years of operations, over 35,448 victims of crime have applied for assistance. The mission of the program has remained the same during that time to help crime victims and their family members recover their health and economic stability by providing compensation for losses incurred as a direct result of a crime.

The Board is responsible for distributing funds in accordance with the Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Act, Minnesota Statutes Section 611A.68. The Board is also governed by Minnesota Rules 3050.0100 to 3050.4100. (Information taken from the Board's website 9/16/10).

Advisory to:
Office of Justice Programs, Minnesota Department of Public Safety

3 members; 4-year terms; appointed by commissioner of public safety.
One member must be a medical or osteopathic physician, and one member must have been a victim of a crime.

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Record last updated: 09/14/2018

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