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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Fair Employment Practices Commission

Active dates:July 1, 1955 - July 1, 1962
Function: The legislature charged the Commission with the responsibility "to foster the employment of all individuals in this state in accordance with their fullest capacities, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or national origin, and to safeguard their rights to obtain and hold employment without discrimination."
History: The Minnesota Legislature passed the Minnesota State Act for Fair Employment Practices in 1955. The Act established a Fair Employment Practices Commission to formulate policies to effectuate the purposes of the act and related duties.

The 1961 session of the Minnesota Legislature enacted a fair housing law, which took effect December 31, 1962. Administration of the law became the responsibility of the Commission, which after July 1, 1962, was known as the State Commission Against Discrimination instead of the Fair Employment Practices Commission
Membership: The Commission was to have nine members, one from each congressional district, appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate. The commissioners' terms were set at five years, and at least one of the members had to be a
lawyer. The commission's chairman was designated by the governor and the executive director was chosen by the commission

The appointment of the Commission members, one from each of the nine congressional districts, was announced by Governor Orville L. Freeman on July 25, 1955.

Commission chairmen: Mrs. Eugenie Anderson, 1955-1961; William Cratic, 1961-1965; Kennon V. Rothchild, 1965-1967.
Executive Directors: Wilfred C. Leland, 1955-1963; James C. McDonald, 1963-1965; Walter S. Warfield, 1965; Viola May Kanatz, 1965-1967.

See agency notebook record for membership lists.
Notes: The Library has 5 annual reports for the Commission (1956-1960/61).
Record last updated: 02/06/2017

Additional print information on this group may be available in the Library's collection of agency notebooks. Please contact a librarian for assistance. The Minnesota Agencies database is a work in progress.

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