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Minnesota Legislature
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Legislative Party Control: A Chart, 1901 to the Present

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

This visual table describes the parties in control of the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota Senate from 1901 to the present.

In 1913, Minnesota legislators began to be elected on nonpartisan ballots (1913 Minn. Laws Chap. 389). Legislators ran and caucused as "Liberals" or "Conservatives" (roughly equivalent in most years to Democratic-Farmer-Labor and Republican, respectively. A 1973 Law change brought back party designation elections beginning with the House in 1974 and the Senate in 1976 (1973 Minn. Laws Chapter 3 section 1; first numbered Minnesota Statute 202.03; renumbered Minnesota Statute 204B.36, subdivision 2). For this time period, control is listed as Conservative or Liberal.

For more detail on numbers of members, changes within legislative sessions, and names of parties, see Party Control of the Minnesota House of Representatives, 1951-present, and Party Control of the Minnesota Senate, 1951-present.

Session House Senate Governor
91st, 2019-2020 DFL Republican DFL
90th, 2017-2018 Republican Republican DFL
89th, 2015-2016 Republican DFL DFL
88th, 2013-2014 DFL DFL DFL
87th, 2011-2012 Republican Republican DFL
86th, 2009-2010 DFL DFL Republican
85th, 2007-2008 DFL DFL Republican
84th, 2005-2006 Republican DFL Republican
83rd, 2003-2004 Republican DFL Republican
82nd, 2001-2002 Republican DFL Reform
81st, 1999-2000 Republican DFL Reform
80th, 1997-1998 DFL DFL Republican
79th, 1995-1996 DFL DFL Republican
78th, 1993-1994 DFL DFL Republican
77th, 1991-1992 DFL DFL Republican
76th, 1989-1990 DFL DFL DFL
75th, 1987-1988 DFL DFL DFL
74th, 1985-1986 Republican DFL DFL
73rd, 1983-1984 DFL DFL DFL
72nd, 1981-1982 DFL DFL Republican
71st, 1979-1980 Tie
DFL Republican
70th, 1977-1978 DFL DFL DFL
69th, 1975-1976 DFL Liberal DFL
68th, 1973-1974 Liberal Liberal DFL
67th, 1971 Conservative Conservative DFL
66th, 1969 Conservative Conservative Republican
65th, 1967 Conservative Conservative Republican
64th, 1965-1966 Conservative Conservative DFL
63rd, 1963 Conservative Conservative DFL
62nd, 1961 Liberal Conservative Republican
61st, 1959 Liberal Conservative DFL
60th, 1957-1958 Liberal Conservative DFL
59th, 1955 Liberal Conservative DFL
58th, 1953 Conservative Conservative Republican
57th, 1951 Conservative Conservative Republican
56th, 1949 Conservative Conservative Republican
55th, 1947 Conservative Conservative Republican
54th, 1945 Conservative Conservative Republican
53rd, 1943-1944 Conservative Conservative Republican
52nd, 1941 Conservative Conservative Republican
51st, 1939 Conservative Conservative Republican
50th, 1937 Liberal Conservative Farmer Labor
49th, 1935-1936 Conservative Conservative Farmer Labor
48th, 1933 Liberal Conservative Farmer Labor
47th, 1931 Conservative Conservative Farmer Labor
46th, 1929 Conservative Conservative Republican
45th, 1927 Conservative Conservative Republican
44th, 1925 Conservative Conservative Republican
43rd, 1923 Conservative Conservative Republican
42nd, 1921 Conservative Conservative Republican
41st, 1919 Conservative Conservative Republican
40th, 1917 Conservative Conservative Republican
39th, 1915-1916 Conservative Conservative Republican
38th, 1913 Republican Republican Republican
37th, 1911-1912 Republican Republican Republican
36th, 1909 Republican Republican Democrat
35th, 1907 Republican Republican Democrat
34th, 1905 Republican Republican Democrat
33rd, 1903 Republican Republican Republican
32nd, 1901-1902 Republican Republican Republican


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