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Guttmacher Policy Review

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Holdings: 4 years

Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
5/17/20195/17/20192019May 22  1 
3/1/20193/1/20192019February 22 21Principles for reform: New U.S. health care proposals cannot overlook sexual and reproductive health
2/1/20193/1/20192019February 22 11More to be done: Individuals' needs for sexual and reproductive health coverage and care
1/11/20191/11/20192019January 22  1Ensuring access to abortion at the state level: selected examples and lessons
12/21/201812/21/20182018December 21  1What Congress can do to restore U.S. leadership on global sexual and reproductive health and rights
11/16/201811/16/20182018November 21  1Ensuring adolescents' ability to obtain confidential family planning services in Title X
11/5/201811/5/20182018October 21  1Self-managed medication abortion: Expanding the available options for U.S. abortion care
9/28/20189/28/20182018September 21  1A time to lead: A roadmap for progress on sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide
6/12/20186/12/20182018June 21  1Restrictions on private insurance coverage of abortion: a danger to abortion access and better health coverage
5/21/20185/21/20182018May 21  1In bad faith: How conservatives are weaponizing "religious liberty" to allow institutions to discriminate
3/26/20183/26/20182018March 21  1The roadmap to safe abortion worldwide: Lessons from mew global trends on incidence, legality and safety
3/5/20183/5/20182018February 21  1New name, same harm: Rebranding of federal abstinence-only programs
2/12/20182/12/20182018February 21  1Coercion is at the heart of social conservatives' reproductive health agenda
1/16/20181/16/20182018January 21  1Unbiased information on and referral for all pregnancy options are essential to informed consent in reproductive health care
11/6/201711/6/20172017October (no.3) 20  1Why family planning policy and practice must guarantee a true choice of contraceptive methods
10/9/201710/9/20172017October (no.2) 20  1Efforts to transform the nature of Medicaid could undermine access to reproductive health care
10/6/201710/9/20172017October (no.1) 20  1Postabortion contraception: Emerging opportunities and barriers
8/7/20178/7/20172017August (no.2) 20  1Beyond the rhetoric: The real-world impact of attacks on Planned Parenthood and Title IX
8/4/20178/7/20172017August (no.1) 20  1The benefits of investing in international family planning - and the price of slashing funding
6/19/20176/19/20172017June (no.2) 20  1No one benefits if women lose coverage for maternity care
6/12/20176/12/20172017June (no.1) 20  1When antiabortion ideology turns into foreign policy: how the global gag rule erodes health, ethics and democracy
5/22/20175/22/20172017May (no.3) 20  1Federally qualified health centers: Vital sources of care, no substitute for the family planning safety net
5/15/20175/15/20172017May (no.2) 20  1State governments should help preserve and improve family planning under Medicaid
5/10/20175/15/20172017May (no.1) 20  1Flouting the facts: State abortion restrictions flying in the face of science
4/10/20174/10/20172017April 20  1How dismantling the ACA's marketplace coverage would impact sexual and reproductive health
4/3/20174/3/20172017March (no.2) 20  1The looming threat to sex education: A resurgence of federal funding for abstinence -only programs?
3/13/20173/13/20172017March 20  1Why protecting Medicaid means protecting sexual and reproductive health
2/27/20172/27/20172017February (no.3) 20  1D&E abortion bans: The implications of banning the most common second-trimester procedure
2/20/20172/20/20172017February (no.2) 20  1State must act to shore up the federal contraceptive coverage guarantee
2/10/20172/20/20172017February (no.1) 20  1In a state of crisis: Meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of women in humanitarian situations
2/6/20172/6/20172017January (no.5) 20  1Why we cannot afford to undercut the Title X national family planning program
1/17/20171/17/20172017January (no.4) 20  1U.S. abortion rate reaches record low amidst looming onslaught against reproductive health and rights
1/16/20171/17/20172017January (no.3) 20  1Understanding Planned Parenthood's critical role in the nation's family planning safety net
1/15/20171/17/20172017January (no.2) 20  1What is at state with the federal contraceptive coverage guarantee?
1/9/20171/9/20172017January (no.1) 20  1In real life: Federal restrictions on abortion coverage and the women they impact
12/27/201612/27/20162016December (no.2) 19  1Recent funding restrictions on the U.S. family planning safety net may foreshadow what is to come
12/19/201612/19/20162016December (no.1) 19  1How and why to integrate reproductive health into delivery system and payment reform
10/17/201610/17/20162016October 19  1"Fungibility": The argument at the center of a 40-year campaign to undermine reproductive health and rights
7/18/20167/18/20162016July (no.2) 19  1Abortion in the lives of women struggling financially: Why insurance coverage matters
7/1/20167/18/20162016July (no.1) 19  1Understanding intimate partner violence as a sexual and reproductive health and rights issue in the Unites States
6/27/20166/27/20162016June 19  1How might state innovations in health reform affect sexual and reproductive health care?
5/27/20166/27/20162016May 19  1Countering Zika globally and in the US: Women's rights to self-determination must be central
3/14/20163/14/20162016Winter 19 11 
2/8/20162/8/20162015Fall 18 41 
10/26/201510/26/20152015Summer 18 31 
8/10/20158/24/20152015Spring 18 21 
3/29/20157/30/20152015Winter 18 11 
1/5/20151/5/20152014Fall 17 41 

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