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Issues Received by the LRL

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - Economic Perspectives

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Holdings: 4 years

Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
3/1/20193/1/20192019  43 11A new "big data" index of U.S. economic activity
9/11/20189/11/20182018    41Bridging between policymakers' and economists' views on bubbles
8/29/20188/29/20182018    31Seasonal and business cycles of U.S. employment
6/18/20186/18/20182018    21A monetarist view of the Fed's balance sheet normalization period
3/16/20183/16/20182018    11Household inequality and the consumption response to aggregate real shocks
11/20/201711/20/20172017  41 81What explains the decline in life insurance ownership
11/9/201711/9/20172017  41 71Blockchain and financial market innovation
9/14/20179/14/20172017  41 61Mexico's growing role in the auto industry under NAFTA: Who makes what and what goes where
7/27/20177/27/20172017  41 51The expansion of high school choice in Chicago public schools
5/10/20175/10/20172017  41 41Minority-owned banks and their primary local market areas
4/11/20174/11/20172017  41 31The event-study activity puzzle
3/21/20173/21/20172017  41 21Understanding global trends in long-run real interest rates
3/7/20173/7/20172017  41 11The Goldilocks problem: How to get incentives and default waterfalls "just right"
12/2/201612/2/20162016  40 51What we learn from a sovereign debt restructuring in France in 1721
11/7/201611/7/20162016  40 41Cleared margin setting at selected CCPs
9/12/20169/12/20162016  40 31Small business lending after the financial crisis: A new competitive landscape for community banks
5/18/20165/18/20162016  40 21How did the Great Recession affect payday loans?
5/6/20165/6/20162016  40 11What does online job search tell us about labor market?
3/28/20163/28/201620154th Quarter (no.2) XXXIX7 1Auto production footprints: Comparing Europe and North America (pp. 101-119)
3/7/20163/7/201620154th Quarter (no.1) XXXIX6 1Central clearing: Risk and customer protections (pp. 90-100)
12/7/201512/7/201520153rd Quarter (no.1) XXXIX5 1The Chicago Fed Survey of Business Conditions: Qualifying the Seventh district's Beige Book report (pp. 77-89)
9/3/20159/3/201520152nd Quarter (no.2) XXXIX4 1Bubbles and fools (pp. 54-76)
8/5/20158/5/201520152nd Quarter (no.1) XXXIX3 1A simple model of gross worker flows across labor market states (pp. 38-53)
7/20/20157/20/201520151st Quarter (no.2) XXXIX2 1Derivatives and collateral at U.S. life insurers (pp. 21-37)
3/26/20153/26/201520151st Quarter (no.1) XXXIX1 1The effect of winter weather on U.S. economic activity (pp. 1-20)
3/12/20153/12/201520144th Quarter (no.2) XXXVIII8 1Interest rates and asset prices: A primer (pp. 139-148)

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