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News Release (Governor Tim Walz)

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Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
5/23/20195/24/20192019May23   1Gov. Walz, legislative leaders sign agreement for special session
5/19/20195/20/20192019May19   1Gov. Walz reaches bipartisan budget agreement with legislative leaders
5/14/20195/15/20192019May14   1Gov. Walz congratulates three Minnesota schools receiving $100K Don't Quit fitness centers
5/14/20195/15/20192019May14   1U.S. News & World Report names Minnesota third best state in the nation
5/14/20195/16/20192019May14   1Commission on Judicial Selection recommends 7th Judicial District candidates to Gov. Walz
5/13/20195/15/20192019May13   1ICYMI: 2019 Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener recap
5/13/20195/15/20192019May13   1Gov. Walz orders flags flown at half-staff in honor of Peace Officer Memorial Day
5/11/20195/13/20192019May11   1Photo: Gov. Walz kicks off fishing opener in Albert Lea
5/10/20195/13/20192019May10   1Gov. Walz issues executive order providing regulatory relief for Minnesota farmers
5/8/20195/9/20192019May8   1ICYMI: Star Tribune editorial Board: Saying 'no" won't lead to budget deal at the Capitol
5/8/20195/9/20192019May8   1Walz, Flanagan announce application process for chief administrative law judge of the Office of Administrative Hearings
5/2/20195/6/20192019May2   1Gov. Walz signs bill repealing pre-existing relationship defense
5/2/20195/6/20192019May2   1Gov. Walz, health care leaders stress need to protect Health Care Access Fund
5/1/20195/2/20192019May1   1Walz, Flanagan announce appointments to the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage
5/1/20195/2/20192019May1   1Gov. Walz reiterates commitment to fix Minnesota's Vehicle Licensing and Registration System
4/30/20195/1/20192019April30   1Gov. Walz host Fergus Falls roundtable discussion on maintaining the health care access fund
4/29/20195/1/20192019April29   1Gov. Walz hosts successful inaugural Minnesota Governor's Turkey Hunt
4/25/20194/26/20192019April25   1Walz, Flanagan announce appointment to fill 9th Judicial District vacancy
4/24/20194/25/20192019April24   1Gov. Walz orders flags flown at half-staff in honor of Minnesota conservation officer Eugene Wynn
4/23/20194/25/20192019April23   1Commission on Judicial Selection announces vacancy in the 10th Judicial District
4/23/20194/25/20192019April23   1Gov. Walz, Lt. Gov. Flanagan announces hiring of Chris Taylor as Chief Inclusion Officer
4/20/20194/25/20192019April20   1Statement from Gov. Walz on the death of Minnesota DNR conservation officer Eugene Wynn
4/19/20194/25/20192019April19   1Walz, Flanagan announce appointments to the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency and Minnesota sentencing Guidelines Commission
4/18/20194/25/20192019April18   1Commission on Judicial Selection announces vacancy in the 1st Judicial District
4/18/20194/22/20192019April18   1Walz, Flanagan conclude statewide community prosperity tour
4/16/20194/17/20192019April16   1Walz, Flanagan announce MNIT Commissioner Tarek Tomes
4/15/20194/16/20192019April15   1Gov. Walz to White House: Minnesota will need federal disaster relief
4/12/20194/15/20192019April12   1Gov. Walz signs bipartisan "Hands-Free" cell phone bill
4/12/20194/15/20192019April12   1Gov. Walz appoints Valerie Means to the Public Utilities Commission, appoints Commissioner Katie Sieben as chair
4/11/20194/15/20192019April11   1Gov. Walz declares peacetime state of emergency to assist stranded motorists
4/10/20194/12/20192019April10   1Gov. Walz appoints Adam Prock a Minnesota Lottery Director
4/10/20194/12/20192019April10   1Walz, Flanagan highlights urgent need to invest in education
4/8/20194/9/20192019April8   1Gov. Walz signs executive orders
4/5/20194/9/20192019April5   1ICYMI: What Minnesotans are saying about Gov. Walz's State of the State address
4/5/20194/9/20192019April5   1Gov. Walz signs historic executive order to expand tribal-state relations
4/5/20194/9/20192019April5   1Gov. Walz signs executive orders
4/4/20194/5/20192019April4   1Remarks of Gov. Walz as delivered: State of the State address
4/3/20194/4/20192019April3   1One Minnesota stories: Meet the Minnesotans attending the State of the State
4/2/20194/3/20192019April2   1For first time in Minnesota history, chaplains of three different faiths to deliver invocation at State of the State address
4/2/20194/3/20192019April2   1Gov. Walz signs executive orders
4/1/20194/3/20192019April1   1Gov. Walz signs executive orders
4/1/20194/3/20192019April1   1Walz, Flanagan kick off 2020 census campaign
4/1/20194/3/20192019April1   1Gov. Walz signs bipartisan snow day relief bill
3/29/20194/3/20192019March29   1Gov. Walz signs executive orders
3/25/20193/27/20192019March25   1Gov. Walz's statement on House DFL budget announcement
3/25/20193/27/20192019March25   1Commission on Judicial Selection announces vacancy in the 7th Judicial District
3/22/20193/27/20192019March22   1Gov. Walz releases balanced budget prioritizing education, health care community prosperity
3/19/20193/27/20192019March19   1At dangerous intersection in Anoka, Walz, Flanagan, local officials emphasize need to invest in transportation
3/15/20193/18/20192019March15   1ICYMI Star Tribune op-ed: Here's how governor's budget affects you: local aid keeps up your way of life
3/14/20193/18/20192019March14   1Gov. Walz issues Emergency Executive Order exempting certain motor carriers and drivers from regulations
3/14/20193/18/20192019March14   1Lt. Gov. Flanagan to lead interagency council on homelessness
3/14/20193/18/20192019March14   1Walz, Flanagan, health care providers emphasize need to protect Health Care Access Fund
3/13/20193/15/20192019March13   1ICYMI: Walz, Flanagan statewide education tour recap
3/13/20193/15/20192019March13   1Gov. Walz signs bill authorizing physical therapists to provide medical statements for disability permits and plates
3/12/20193/15/20192019March12   1Walz, Flanagan conclude statewide tour, highlight historic education investment
3/11/20193/15/20192019March11   1After Senate Republican vote to give Millions to insurance companies, Walz pushes proposal to give power back to Minnesotans
3/8/20193/15/20192019March8   1Walz, Flanagan announce application process for the next Minnesota State Lottery director
3/6/20193/7/20192019March6   1Walz, Flanagan announce appointments to the governor's Blue Ribbon Council on Information Technology
3/6/20193/7/20192019March6   1Walz, Flanagan announce appointments to Technology Advisory Committee
3/5/20193/6/20192019March5   1Working across the aisle: Gov. Walz signs first two bills since taking office
3/4/20193/6/20192019March4   1Walz, Flanagan propose plan to achieve 100 percent clean energy in Minnesota by 2050
3/1/20193/6/20192019March1   1Walz, Flanagan announce appointees to the Commission on Judicial Selection
2/28/20193/6/20192019February28   1Gov. Walz statement on February 2019 state budget forecast
2/26/20193/1/20192019February26   1Investing in Minnesota's future, Gov. Walz announces capital investments proposal
2/25/20193/1/20192019February25   1Gov. Walz announces intention to appoint Metropolitan Council Members
2/25/20193/1/20192019February25   1Gov. Walz: My budget reflects the morals of Minnesotans
2/24/20193/1/20192019February24   1Gov. Walz condemns legislator for encouraging violence, calls for healthy debate on gun violence prevention
2/23/20193/1/20192019February23   1Gov. Walz declares peacetime state of emergency to assist stranded motorists
2/22/20193/1/20192019February22   1Gov. Walz appointed to serve on President's Council of Governors
2/22/20193/1/20192019February    1Gov. Walz issues Emergency Executive Order granting exemption for drivers of commercial vehicle
2/22/20193/1/20192019February22   1Gov. Walz appoints Laura Bishop as chair of the Environment Quality Board
2/22/20193/1/20192019February22   1Lt. Gov. Flanagan highlights health care plan, hears health care concerns from Minnesotans
2/21/20193/1/20192019February21   1Gov. Walz highlights how budget will build community prosperity in Greater Minnesota
2/19/20192/26/20192019February19   1Gov. Walz proposes One Minnesota budget prioritizing education, health care, community prosperity
2/19/20192/26/20192019February19   1Gov. Walz announces budget proposal focused on education, health care and community prosperity
2/15/20192/26/20192019February15   1Gov. Walz announces effort to combat chronic wasting disease
2/14/20192/26/20192019February14   1Gov. Walz issues writ of special election to fill House District 11B vacancy
2/12/20192/25/20192019February12   1Commerce Dept. to petition Public Utilities Commission to reconsider order on Line 3
2/11/20192/12/20192019February11   1Three schools in Minnesota will each be gifted a $100,000 DON'T QUIT! fitness center from the National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils
2/7/20192/11/20192019February7   1Gov. Walz issues executive order to establish Blue Ribbon Council on information technology
2/7/20192/11/20192019February7   1Gov. Walz declares peacetime state of emergency to assist stranded motorists
2/5/20192/7/20192019February5   1Minnesota secures federal disaster declaration for St. Louis County
2/5/20192/7/20192019February5   1Walz, Flanagan seek to fill Chief Inclusion Officer position
2/1/20192/7/20192019February1   1Gov. Walz proclaims February as 'Black History Month' in Minnesota
1/25/20192/7/20192019January25   1Gov. Walz's statement on federal government shutdown
1/24/20192/7/20192019January24   1Walz, Flanagan hear from seniors, advocates about federal government shutdown's impact on housing in Minnesota
1/16/20192/7/20192019January16   1Gov. Walz proclaims Jan. 21 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Minnesota
1/16/20192/7/20192019January16   1Walz, Flanagan announce chair of Commission on Judicial Selection
1/15/20191/16/20192019January15   1Walz, Flanagan announce plan to protect Minnesotans amid federal shutdown
1/9/20191/16/20192019January9   1With first executive order, Gov. Walz establishes "One Minnesota Council on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity"
1/8/20191/9/20192019January8   1Walz, Flanagan announce key staff members
1/7/20191/9/20192019January7   1Timothy J. Walz sworn in as Minnesota's 41st governor
1/7/20191/9/20192019January7   1Peggy Flanagan sworn in as Minnesota's lieutenant governor
1/4/20191/7/20192019January4   1Walz-Flanagan to announce Commissioners for DEED, Depts. of Labor and Industry, Commerce, and Revenue, IRRB, Depts. of Public Safety and Veterans Affairs
1/3/20191/4/20192019January3   1Walz-Flanagan to announce commissioners for Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Natural Resources, Minn. Pollution Control Agency, Dept. of Health, Dept. of Huma Services, Bureau of Mediation Services and Dept. of Human Rights
12/20/201812/21/20182018December20   1Walz-Flanagan announce commissioners for Dept. of Education, Office of Higher Education and Dept. of Corrections
12/19/201812/19/20182018December18   1Walz-Flanagan announce leadership for Depts. of Administration and Transportation, MN Housing Agency, Metro Council and Office of Management and Budget
12/14/201812/14/20182018December13   1Minnesotans enthusiastic about joining Walz-Flanagan administration
12/7/201812/10/20182018December7   1Walz-Flanagan announce Metropolitan Council member Public Utilities Commission, Metropolitan Airports Commission application deadline
12/7/201812/10/20182018December7   1Walz-Flanagan seek applicants for the Commission on Judicial Selection
12/6/201812/10/20182018December6   1Gov.-elect Tim Walz statement on November budget forecast
12/4/201812/5/20182018December4   1Gov.-elect Walz, Lt. Gov.-elect Flanagan reflect on statewide listening tour
11/28/201812/5/20182018November28   1Gov.-elect Walz, Lt. Gov.-elect Flanagan to launch statewide listening tour
11/19/201812/5/20182018November19   1Walz-Flanagan announce team to lead state agency appointment process
11/16/201812/5/20182018November16   1Lt. Gov.-elect Flanagan announces members of One Minnesota transition advisory board
11/8/201812/5/20182018November8   1Gov.-elect Walz, Lt. Gov.-elect Flanagan announce opening of transition office and leadership team

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