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Holdings: 4 years

Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
12/7/201812/7/20182018December    1The U.S. Supreme Court's 2017-18 term
11/9/201811/9/20182018November    1Redlining of our era: Land-use voter initiatives
10/11/201810/11/20182018October    1The Color of Power: How local control over the siting of affordable housing shapes America
9/7/20189/7/20182018September    1The Witness in Your pocket
8/10/20188/10/20182018August    1Narrating justice: Client-centered media advocacy
7/13/20187/13/20182018July    1The "Diversity Bonus"
6/12/20186/12/20182018June    1When access to language means access to justice
5/21/20185/21/20182018May    1The Trump administration's next attack on immigrant families and how you can fight it
4/9/20184/9/20182018April    1Collateral consequences of juvenile court involvement
3/12/20183/12/20182018March    1Executive directives: What poverty lawyers need to know.
2/12/20182/12/20182018February    1Maintaining options for low-income workers
1/22/20181/22/20182018January    1Poverty and people of color: some answers to why
12/4/201712/4/20172017December    1Access Decisions in the 2016-17 Term
10/9/201710/9/20172017October    1Tax Law 101 for the legal aide practitioner
9/11/20179/11/20172017August (no.2)    1Combating tenant blacklisting based on housing court records
8/14/20178/14/20172017August    1Risks and rewards: Is record clearing right for your noncitizen client?
7/10/20177/10/20172017July    1Access to Justice for All
6/12/20176/12/20172017June    1Legal aid with conviction
5/8/20175/8/20172017May    1Tackling criminal justice debt
4/10/20174/10/20172017April    1SNAP's time limit: Emerging issues in litigation and implementation
3/13/20173/13/20172017March    1Green Jobs: Myth or Pathway out of Poverty?
2/13/20172/13/20172017February    1Social Security and Supplemental Security Income 101
1/23/20171/23/20172017January    1Now what? Poverty-fighting ideas for another new administration
12/5/201612/5/20162016December    1The U.S. Supreme Court's 2015 Term: Access Decisions from an Eight-Member Court
11/7/201611/7/20162016November    1Making the case for community lawyering
10/10/201610/10/20162016October    1Sate options in expanding access to education in TANF programs
9/8/20169/8/20162016September    1Unlocking the Affordable Care Act's potential for justice-involved individuals
8/8/20168/8/20162016August    1Twenty years after welfare reform
7/11/20167/11/20162016July    1Emerging legal aid leadership: The fellow's manifesto
6/20/20166/20/20162016June    1Advancing a living wage and human rights for restaurant workers in the United States
5/16/20165/16/20162016May    1Tech justice: A conversation about making justice more accessible
5/2/20165/2/20162016April (no.2)    1A proposal to support enforcing regulations for the rule of law
4/11/20164/11/20162016April    1Alchemizing Volume
3/2/20163/2/20162016March    1Demanding Ascertainable Standards
2/1/20162/1/20162016February    1What does due process mean for state notices on receiving public benefits?
1/11/20161/11/20162016January    1How to protect clients receiving public benefits when modernized systems fail
12/7/201512/7/20152015December    1The U.S. Supreme Court's 2014 Term
1/1/201511/5/20152015November    1"Transitional Due Process"

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