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Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Year search results for: 1917

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1917 - Governor J. A. A. Burnquist
Our library records prior to 1939 are incomplete; there may be vetoes that we are not aware of.
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
40th Legislature 462 SF959 4/25/1917 An act to appropriate money for expenses of the state government and for other purposes and prescribing present and future regulations and limitations relative to the expenditure of state appropriations.
Line Item: Sec. 35, Item 8: $40,000 for new fish car available year ending July 31, 1921.
Line (1) No attempt
40th Legislature 440 SF1026 3/23/1917 An act to appropriate money for maintenance of public parks and for additions thereto; for the creation of new parks; for the establishment and maintenance of fish hatcheries and various other semi-state activities.
Line Item: Section 10: $5,000 appropriation for establishment of a public park in Big Stone County, MN to be known as "Toqua Lakes State Park" and for the purchasing of lands.
Line (1) No attempt
40th Legislature 437 HF1275 4/23/1917 A bill to appropriate money for the state educational institutions and for other purposes. Line (0) No attempt
40th Legislature 436 HF1262 4/23/1917 A bill to appropriate money for current expenses, buildings, and improvements at state institutions, and for other purposes. Line (0) No attempt
40th Legislature HF839 3/20/1917 A bill for an act to provide for the retirement of Judges of the District Court, where such Judges have attained the age of seventy-five years and have been in twenty~five years continuous service, in districts consisting of but one county, and having a population of not less than two hundred thousand, and not more than three hundred and twenty-five thousand inhabitants. Full No attempt
40th Legislature HF260 2/21/1917 A bill for an act setting apart to the use of the Supreme Court and state law library certain further space in the Capitol Building and giving the Supreme Court control of alterations and making it responsible for the expenditure of money therefor and for the maintenance of the state law library and for the space to be used by the court. Full No attempt


Unlike counting full vetoes, the counting of line item vetoes is inherently arbitrary. Library staff used these guidelines. If a lump-sum appropriation was broken down into several component items and the entire lump sum was vetoed, it was counted as one item. Appropriations divided into separate amounts for two fiscal years were also counted as one item.