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Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Year search results for: 1998

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1998 - Governor Arne Carlson
Full Bills Vetoed (including pockets): 11
Pocket Vetoes: 0
Bills with Line Item Vetoes: 4
Lines Vetoed: 11
Full Bills + Bills with Line Vetoes: 15
Full Bills + Lines Vetoed: 22
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
80th Legislature 407 SF3346 4/21/1998 Omnibus health and human services supplemental appropriations bill.
Line Item: $100,000 to the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging.
Line Item: $25,000 to the Department of Human services for a study of day training and habilitation capital needs.
Line (2) No attempt
80th Legislature 401 SF3353 4/21/1998 Omnibus environment, natural resources, and agriculture supplemental appropriations bill
Line Item: Page 12, Section 6, Lines 10-12: $125,000 in fiscal year 1999 is for a grant to the Market Champ, Inc. board.
Line Item: Page 13, Section 6, Lines 1-8: $60,000 in fiscal year 1999 to the Dept. of Agriculture for payment of attorney general and other costs of assisting local government units in the process of adoption, review, or modification of ordinances relating to animal feedlots.
Line Item: Page 6, Section 4, Lines 65-68 and Page 7, Lines 1-9: $100,000 in fiscal year 1998 is for a grant to the township of Linwood in Anoka county to construct a surface water drainage system to control water pollution.
Line (3) No attempt
80th Legislature 394 SF1181 4/21/1998 A bill for a study of the production of industrial hemp. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 384 SF3297 4/9/1998 Omnibus higher education appropriations bill.
Line Item: Page 4, Section 4, lines 47-57: $250,000 to the University of Minnesota for the law clinics.
Line Item: Page 5, Section 4, lines 1-14: $250,000 to expand the work of Project Inform in providing outreach and information to K-12 students and their families, particularly in schools without counselors.
Line (2) No attempt
80th Legislature 378 SF2718 4/9/1998 State telephone assistance program amended to conform with federal requirements and authorized expenditures modified, automatic enrollment provided for certain persons, TAP surcharge regulated, and state universal service fund developed. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 374 SF3367 4/7/1998 Omnibus jobs, housing and economic development supplemental appropriations bill. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 370 SF2118 4/9/1998 Absentee voting pilot project in the city of Minneapolis. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 366 SF3354 4/6/1998 Omnibus state departments supplemental appropriations.
Line Item: Page 2, Section 3, Line 43: $250,000 for gaming enforcement.
Line Item: Page 2, Section 3, Lines 37-42: $250,000 to the Attorney General's Office for assistance to counties for felony prosecutions, implied consent hearings, community notification of sex offenders, and commitment of sexually dangerous persons.
Line Item: Page 2, Section 3, Lines 44-45: $500,000 for legal services to state agencies.
Line Item: Page 2, Section 3, Lines 46-49: $100,000 to educate citizens with respect to telemarketing fraud, as provided in new Minnesota Statutes, section 325G.53.
Line (4) No attempt
80th Legislature 365 SF2532 4/3/1998 Omnibus early childhood and family education supplemental appropriations bill. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 352 SF2148 4/2/1998 A bill to modify absentee ballot provisions. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 347 SF2221 3/31/1998 Ramsey County open absentee balloting system pilot program extension. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 346 SF2149 3/31/1998 A bill to establish a change of address system by the Secretary of State's Office. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 330 SF695 3/25/1998 A bill which requires review by the Attorney General of any agreement to transfer 50 percent of assets from a nonprofit health care trust to a noncharitable entity. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 311 SF1654 3/23/1998 County real estate document filing and recording fees modified. Full No attempt
80th Legislature 287 HF2846 3/18/1998 Automobile insurance premium reduction requirement expansion for accident prevention course completion Full No attempt


Unlike counting full vetoes, the counting of line item vetoes is inherently arbitrary. Library staff used these guidelines. If a lump-sum appropriation was broken down into several component items and the entire lump sum was vetoed, it was counted as one item. Appropriations divided into separate amounts for two fiscal years were also counted as one item.