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Veto Details

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Year search results for: 2000

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2000 - Governor Jesse Ventura
Full Bills Vetoed (including pockets): 8
Pocket Vetoes: 0
Bills with Line Item Vetoes: 3
Lines Vetoed: 11
Full Bills + Bills with Line Vetoes: 11
Full Bills + Lines Vetoed: 19
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
81st Legislature 492 HF4078 SF3811 5/15/2000 An act relating to capital improvements; bonding bill.
8 Line Items
Line (8) Line item override(s)
81st Legislature 488 HF2699 SF3798 5/15/2000 Omnibus state departments bill.
Line Item: $1,750,000 to the Department of Corrections for one-time grants for construction costs for adult regional detention facilities.
Line Item: $30,000 to the Department of Public Safety for the purchase of drug detection dogs.
Line (2) Attempted
81st Legislature 479 HF2891 SF2678 5/15/2000 Omnibus transportation bill.
Line Item: $750,000 appropriation to the Commissioner of Trade and Economic Development for new travel information centers in the Minnesota River valley.
Line (1) Attempted
81st Legislature 448 SF2385 HF3629 5/1/2000 Exempting hospital administrators from a salary cap. Full No attempt
81st Legislature 425 SF2484 HF3091 4/20/2000 Traffic regulations; freeway drivers must travel in the right lane. Full No attempt
81st Legislature 412 SF3387 HF3652 4/14/2000 Abortion Informed Consent bill (Women’s right to know). Full No attempt
81st Legislature 397 SF884 HF2229 4/14/2000 Marriage license fee increase and reduction for premarital education participation. Full Attempted
81st Legislature 388 SF3291 HF3566 4/13/2000 An act relating to liens; motor vehicles towed at the request of law enforcement; clarifying the extent of the lien. Full No attempt
81st Legislature 383 SF76 HF262 4/13/2000 Crime Prevention; DWI motor vehicle forfeiture proceedings requirements modified. Full No attempt
81st Legislature 310 HF2809 SF2631 4/3/2000 An act relating to Human Services; Ah-Gwah-Ching Nursing Home Admissions. Full Overridden
81st Legislature 277 HF118 SF160 3/24/2000 Removes commissioners if appointments are not confirmed within 18 months. Full No attempt


Unlike counting full vetoes, the counting of line item vetoes is inherently arbitrary. Library staff used these guidelines. If a lump-sum appropriation was broken down into several component items and the entire lump sum was vetoed, it was counted as one item. Appropriations divided into separate amounts for two fiscal years were also counted as one item.