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Website Accessibility

Is the Legislature's website accessible?

We continually refine our website in an effort to conform to ADA standards and provide our online information in an accessible format.

Text Sizing

In most Internet browsers, pressing Ctrl + Plus Sign (+) increases text size, and Ctrl + Minus Sign (-) decreases text size. Pressing the Ctrl key while scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel will also change the text size in most browsers. Alternatively, click the menu at the top of your browser and look for the "zoom" or "text size" option. This will present you with choices for scaling the text to your preferred size.

Access Keys

Our site navigation tabs have assigned access keys. In Mozilla Firefox, press Shift + Alt + the corresponding letter. This will take you directly to the page. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, press Shift + Alt + the corresponding letter, which will highlight the link, then press Enter to follow it.

  • Shift+Alt + C Jump to main content
  • Shift+Alt + N Jump to page navigation
  • Shift+Alt + F Jump to footer
  • Shift+Alt + H Minnesota House of Representatives Homepage
  • Shift+Alt + S Minnesota Senate Homepage
  • Shift+Alt + J Joint Departments and Commissions
  • Shift+Alt + E Schedules
  • Shift+Alt + B Bills
  • Shift+Alt + T Committees
  • Shift+Alt + L Minnesota Statutes, Laws, and Rules
  • Shift+Alt + P Publications

Documents in Portable Document Format (PDF)

Some documents available on the Legislature's website are in PDF format. Adobe Reader may be downloaded for free to access PDF documents. Adobe Reader includes a text-to-speech tool. To use this tool, PDF documents must be downloaded to your computer.

Instructions for using the Adobe Reader "Read Out Loud Text-to-Speech Tool"

E-Government Usability/Accessibility Compliment/Concern Page

Having accessibility or usability problems with any Minnesota state government website or software? Have you used a state website or software that works especially well for people with disabilities? Please send your comments using the E-Government Usability/Accessibility Compliments and Concerns page.

Accessibility Information and Resources

See the Minnesota Star Program's Accessibility and Usability of E-Government Services.

Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Access at the Capitol

Access at the Capitol: Information from the Commission Serving Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans.

FAQ - Special Needs Access: Information about Legislature's policy for assisting people with special needs, wheelchair services for those who are blind or visually impaired, services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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