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Legislative Reference Library Key Statutory Mandates

This page notes key sections of Minnesota Statutes regarding the Legislative Reference Library and its role in collecting materials. (Here is the full list.)

Biennial Reports; submission - Minnesota Statute 15.063

Biennial reports required to be submitted to the legislature by various departments and agencies shall be submitted by November 15 of each even numbered year.

Legislative Reference Library - Minnesota Statute 3.302

This statute discusses the LRL collection and purpose, our status as a depository library and the need for agencies to provide bibliographic information on documents. LRL is to receive all documents published by the state and considered to be of interest or value to the library. The statute defines a document as "Any publication issued by the state, constitutional officers, commissions, councils, bureaus, research centers, societies, task forces, including advisory task forces, or other agencies supported by state funds, or any publication prepared for the state by private individuals or organizations and issued in print..."

Professional and Technical Service Contracts - Minnesota Statute 3.225

Subd. 6, about contract terms, includes the language, "If the final product of the contract is a written report, a copy must be filed with the legislative reference library."

Reports to the Legislature - Minnesota Statute 3.195

  • Subdivision 1 requires that two print copies and one electronic copy of reports are to be sent to the Legislative Reference Library.
  • Subdivision 2 requires items submitted to the library contain "the information necessary to identify the document as required by section 3.302, subdivision 3a." This includes complete bibliographic information (author, title, publisher, date, place of publication). If the report is required by a specific law, the citation to the session law and section of statute much be included.
  • Subdivision 3 includes our mandate to provide a checklist of state documents to legislators. The online checklist is Newly Acquired Minnesota State Government Reports.

Required Reports (costs of preparing) - Minnesota Statute 3.197

Reports to the legislature must contain a summary of the costs involved in preparation.

State Depository Libraries - Minnesota Statute 15.18

This statute relating to the distribution of publications defines a document as "any book, document, journal, map, pamphlet or report issued for public distribution by any department, agency or official of the state".

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